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Magic mushroom delivery is the latest exciting benefit of living in DC. And we’re ready to meet the challenge by providing the highest-quality shroom-based products for you to try! Since magic mushrooms were decriminalized in the District of Columbia, many people have taken it upon themselves to sample these mind-expanding fungi. So if you’ve never tried them, let alone ordered them for delivery, we’re here to guide you through the process from start to finish.

Just a short walk from prestigious HBCU Howard University, Orbit is DC’s premier destination for cannabis and psilocybin products. So what are you waiting for? Take a look at our menu and select your favorite products for delivery in the DMC.

About Orbit DC

Since 2015, Orbit DC has been the dispensary for people from all walks of life to frequent in the heart of DC. Located in a vibrant, bustling student neighborhood, we provide top-shelf cannabis products including the most potent flower, premium cartridges, powerful concentrates, delicious edibles, perfectly-crafted pre-rolls, and more. Now, with the addition of magic mushrooms, we’re offering our widest selection of mood-altering products for your consideration and consumption.

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All orders come from our ​​2622 Georgia Ave NW Washington, DC 20001 location. Have questions or queries? Get in touch with us by calling (202) 481-1292 or by completing a simple form on our website. We’re ready to help you choose the right items for your specific needs!

The Magic of Mushroom Delivery

Like our convenient cannabis delivery service, we deliver magic mushrooms to your door with just a touch of a button (well, maybe more than one touch, but you get the idea). Take a look at our delivery minimums, then get ordering!

Delivery Minimums

  • $100 minimum for DC deliveries
  • $300 minimum for VA & MD deliveries up to 30 miles
  • $500 minimum for VA & MD deliveries up to 40 miles
  • $700 minimum for VA & MD deliveries up to 50 miles
  • $1000 minimum for VA & MD deliveries up to 60 miles
  • $1200 minimum for VA & MD deliveries up to 70 miles
  • $1500 minimum for VA & MD deliveries up to 80 miles
  • $2000 minimum for VA & MD deliveries up to 90 miles
  • $2500 minimum for VA & MD deliveries up to 100 miles

New to Shrooms?

Magic mushrooms, also known as psilocybin mushrooms, psychedelic mushrooms, or shrooms, are a type of fungi that contain the psychoactive compound psilocybin. Psilocybin is a naturally occurring hallucinogen that can induce profound changes in perception, mood, and consciousness when consumed.

These mushrooms belong to the genus Psilocybe, specifically the species Psilocybe cubensis, and are found in various parts of the world, including North and South America, Asia, and Africa. (1) They have a long history of use in indigenous cultures for their spiritual and medicinal properties, often referred to as entheogenic or sacred mushrooms.

How Do Shrooms Affect Our Brains?

The active ingredient, psilocybin, is metabolized by the body into psilocin, which binds to serotonin receptors in the brain, leading to altered thoughts, emotions, and sensory experiences. (2) The effects of magic mushrooms can vary depending on the individual, the dosage, and the setting, but commonly include visual distortions, euphoria, introspection, and a sense of interconnectedness.

At Orbit DC, we want to ensure that your magic mushroom experience is an enjoyable one. It’s crucial to approach shrooms with caution and respect. Their effects can be unpredictable, so using them in a safe and controlled environment is essential.

What Can Shrooms Do for Me?

Many people note that magic mushrooms give them a new perspective on life. Psilocybin affects everyone in a slightly different way, however, the following experiences are very common.

  • Enhanced creativity: increase focus, and improve cognitive abilities! Users may experience heightened mental clarity and find it easier to think more creatively and effectively.
  • Improved emotional well-being: Magic mushrooms have the potential to positively impact mood and promote emotional well-being. They can provide a sense of relaxation, euphoria, and overall happiness, leading to an improved state of mind.
  • Relieved anxiety and depression: Magic mushrooms have shown promising results in providing relief from symptoms of anxiety and depression. They offer a potential alternative treatment option for individuals struggling with some mental health conditions.
  • Expanded spirituality: Magic mushrooms, in particular, have been associated with inducing spiritual experiences. Users may gain insights into themselves and their place in the world, leading to a deeper understanding and connection with their spirituality.
  • Increased mindfulness and self-awareness: Shrooms can contribute to an increased sense of mindfulness and self-awareness. Users may become more present in the moment, allowing for deeper insights into their thoughts and emotions.
  • Deeper introspection and self-reflection: Magic mushrooms, in particular, are known to induce introspective experiences. Users may delve deep into their thoughts and past experiences, leading to personal growth and self-reflection.


Microdosing is a practice that involves consuming very low doses of psilocybin, for example, a tiny portion of shroom chocolate. Unlike the traditional use of psilocybin which can lead to hallucinations or intense trips, microdosing aims to achieve subtle effects without disrupting daily functioning.

While the exact mechanisms are still being investigated, it is hypothesized that psilocybin microdosing may influence neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to adapt and reorganize itself. (3) This potential rewiring of neural connections could contribute to observable cognitive and emotional benefits for magic mushroom microdosers!

At Orbit DC, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the effects of magic mushrooms and cannabis. However, it is important to note that individual experiences may vary, and these substances should be used responsibly and in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Setting the Scene

So your mushrooms have been delivered by one of our awesome Orbit DC drivers. Are you in a good headspace? Are you alone or do you have company? Whatever your reason for using magic mushrooms, it is important to create the right environment for psilocybin use to ensure a safe and optimal experience.

  • Comfortable and familiar surroundings: It is crucial to choose a setting where you feel safe and secure. Being in a comfortable and familiar environment can help reduce anxiety and promote relaxation during a psilocybin session.
  • Supportive and trustworthy individuals: Surrounding yourself with supportive and trustworthy individuals who understand your intentions and provide emotional support can enhance the overall experience.
  • Peaceful and calm atmosphere: A peaceful and calm atmosphere can facilitate introspection and a deeper connection with oneself. Minimizing external distractions and creating a serene space is essential.
  • Dimly lit or softly lit room: Soft lighting, such as dimmed or candlelight, can create a soothing ambiance and encourage a relaxed state of mind.
  • Accessible bathroom facilities: It is important to have easy access to bathroom facilities to ensure comfort and convenience during the session.
  • Relaxing and soothing media: Playing calming and soothing music or visuals can help set the mood and enhance the overall atmosphere during a psilocybin session.
  • Privacy and confidentiality: Maintaining privacy and confidentiality is crucial to create a safe and non-judgmental environment where individuals can explore their inner experiences without inhibition.

Psilocybin Products at Orbit DC

Psilocybin edibles and drinkables offer a convenient and discreet way to consume psilocybin. These candies, powders, teas, and tinctures are carefully crafted to contain a precise amount of psilocybin, ensuring consistent dosing and minimizing the risk of over-indulgence. With shroom chocolate, for example, each piece is typically infused with a specific dosage, allowing users to customize their experience based on their individual needs and tolerance levels.

Psilocybin Edibles

  • Trippy Caps Chocolates 4 pieces, 4g
  • Psilo-Vibin SHROOM Bar (Milk Chocolate Bar) 6g Psilocybin

Psilocybin Drinkables

  • Unveiled SHROOM Tea (3 Tea Bags) 1.25g per bag Psilocybin
  • Trippy Caps POWDER Psilocybin Powder- Mix/Drink with anything, 3g
  • Trippy Caps Tincture 8ML 12 Grams

Psilocybin + THC

  • Shroom & THC Chocolate Bar 4g Psilocybin + 300mg THC

Order your magic mushroom treats for delivery here.

Magic Mushrooms for Delivery in Washington DC

At Orbit DC, we are committed to providing comprehensive information for clients interested in exploring their possibilities with psilocybin and magic mushroom products. To learn more about what we sell, and to ask specific questions, please contact our dispensary at (202) 481-1292 or send us your inquiry online.


How do magic mushroom edibles work?

Psilocybin is a psychoactive compound that interacts with serotonin receptors in the brain, leading to altered perception, mood enhancement, and introspective experiences. When infused into chocolates and other edible treats, psilocybin is absorbed by the body and metabolized into psilocin, which produces the desired effects.

Why should I try psilocybin chocolates?

Psilocybin chocolates offer a unique and potentially transformative experience for those seeking alternative approaches to mental health and personal growth. With their combination of therapeutic benefits and the indulgence of chocolate, these mind-altering treats provide an intriguing option for individuals looking to explore the potential of natural remedies and mood-enhancing practices. 


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