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Cannabis concentrates, also known as cannabis extracts, are highly potent forms of cannabis.

It all begins with the cannabis plant itself. Cannabis plants contain tiny, resinous structures called trichomes, which house the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds that give cannabis its unique effects and flavors. These trichomes are the key ingredients for making concentrates.

At Orbit DC dispensary, we offer a wide selection of premium cannabis concentrates. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you through the different options and help you find the concentrate that best suits your preferences and needs. 

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At Orbit DC Dispensary, we understand the convenience and discretion that cannabis delivery services offer. That’s why we proudly provide legal and licensed cannabis delivery throughout Washington, Delaware, and Virginia. Our goal is to ensure that our valued customers can access their favorite products with ease, all from the comfort of their own homes.

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We have carefully curated our menu to cater to different preferences and needs, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing indica strain or an energizing sativa, we have you covered!

About Concentrates

There are various types of cannabis concentrates available, each with its own unique characteristics. The extraction process involves separating the desired compounds from the plant material, resulting in a concentrated form. This allows individuals to experience the effects of cannabis in a more potent and efficient manner.


A common method of consuming cannabis concentrates is through dabbing. Dabbing involves heating a concentrate on a hot surface, typically a nail or banger, and inhaling the vapor produced. This method provides an instantaneous and intense high due to the high concentration of cannabinoids present in the concentrate.

About Hash

Hash, also known as hashish, is one concentrated form of cannabis that has been used for centuries for its potent effects. It can come in various forms, such as pressed blocks, powders, or sticky oils. These different forms allow for versatile consumption methods, including smoking, vaporizing, or dabbing.

The popularity of hash lies in its higher potency compared to traditional cannabis flowers. Due to the extraction process, hashish typically contains higher levels of THC, resulting in stronger and more immediate effects. This makes it appealing to both recreational users seeking a more intense experience and medical patients looking for potent relief from symptoms.

Other Types of Concentrate

  • Crumble – Has a crumbly and dry texture, similar to honeycomb or feta cheese. It is created by purging the concentrate at a higher temperature and pressure, resulting in a more granular consistency.
  • Moon Rocks – Cannabis buds that have been coated with a thick layer of cannabis concentrate, such as hash oil or shatter, and then rolled in kief, which is the resinous trichomes that contain the highest concentration of cannabinoids.
  • Live Resin – A type of concentrate that is made from freshly harvested, frozen cannabis flowers, preserving the full spectrum of flavors and aromas.
  • Shatter – A translucent and brittle concentrate that resembles a sheet of glass. It gets its name from its breakable consistency. It is known for its high THC content and can provide an intense and long-lasting high. 
  • Wax  – Has a soft and malleable texture, similar to candle wax. It is created by whipping or agitating the concentrate during the extraction process. Wax is highly potent and often favored by experienced cannabis enthusiasts.
  • Rosin – Produced by applying heat and pressure to cannabis flower or hash, causing the trichomes to burst and release their essential oils. It is a solventless concentrate and is valued for its purity and potency.
  • Budder – Has a creamy texture resembling butter. 

What are Diamonds?

Cannabis diamonds are crystalline concentrates (1) with the highest purity levels – some as high as 99.9%! They can be smoked or vaped, and contain THCa, or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, the precursor to THC.

Why Are Terpenes so Important?

Terpenes play a crucial role when using cannabis concentrates, and understanding their importance can greatly enhance your experience with these products. They are organic compounds found in various plants, including cannabis, that contribute to their distinctive aroma and flavor profiles. They also contribute to what is known as the “entourage effect.”

The entourage effect concept suggests that the combination of cannabinoids (such as THC and CBD) and terpenes working together produces more significant therapeutic properties than isolated compounds alone. (2) In other words, their interaction results in enhanced effects and increased medicinal value.

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How Are Cannabis Concentrates Made?

There are two main methods of extraction: solvent-based extraction and non-solvent-based extraction. 

In solvent-based extraction, solvents like butane or CO2 are used to separate the trichomes from the plant material. This method can yield highly potent concentrates such as butane hash oil (BHO) or CO2 extracts.

Non-solvent-based extraction, on the other hand, utilizes techniques like rosin pressing. Rosin is made by applying heat and pressure to cannabis flower or hash, resulting in a sticky, golden substance rich in cannabinoids. This method is popular among those who prefer a more natural and solvent-free approach to concentrate production.

Once the trichomes have been extracted, the process may continue with winterization. Winterization involves chilling the extract in a solvent, usually ethanol, to remove any unwanted impurities or waxes, resulting in a purer and cleaner concentrate.

Lastly, the purging process takes place to remove any remaining solvents or impurities. This step is crucial to ensure the final product is safe for consumption. Various techniques, such as vacuum purging or heat purging, can be employed to achieve the desired purity and consistency.

If you’re curious about cannabis concentrates or would like to explore our extensive selection, we invite you to visit our Washington DC location or give us a call at (202) 481-1292. Our knowledgeable staff will be delighted to assist you in finding the perfect concentrate to elevate your cannabis experience. 

Why Use Cannabis Concentrates?

Enhanced Potency & Fast-Acting Relief

With higher levels of THC and other cannabinoids, cannabis concentrates deliver a more potent and powerful experience, allowing users to achieve their desired effects more efficiently. Due to their concentrated nature, these products offer rapid and effective relief from various medical conditions such as chronic pain or nausea. Users can experience quick relief without delay.

Enhanced Flavor Profiles

Concentrates often retain the distinct flavors and aromas of the cannabis strains they are derived from. This means users can enjoy a more flavorful and enjoyable experience, appreciating the unique characteristics of different strains.

Cost-Effective, Precise Dosing 

While the initial cost of concentrates may be higher, they provide more doses per gram compared to flower. This cost-effectiveness makes them a practical choice for regular users, as they offer extended usage and value for money. Concentrates also enable users to measure their intake more accurately, facilitating the discovery of optimal dosage levels. 

Prolonged Shelf Life

Concentrates generally have a longer shelf life compared to dried cannabis flower. This makes them an ideal choice for individuals who prefer to stock up or use infrequently, ensuring product longevity and freshness.

Versatile Applications 

Concentrates offer versatility, as they can be used in various ways such as vaporizing, dabbing, cooking, or even blending into topical creams. This adaptability caters to individual preferences and allows users to explore different consumption methods.

Concentrates at Orbit DC

  • Wax 1g
  • Wax Sour Diesel 3.5g
  • Diamonds (THC-A) 1g 
  • Crumble 1g
  • Shatter 1g 
  • Shatter 3.5g
  • Live Resin 1g
  • Moon Rocks 1g
  • Hash 1g

Cannabis Concentrates in the DMV

At Orbit DC dispensary, we strive to provide comprehensive, detailed, and engaging information about our products so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. The services provided by our dedicated team ensure that your cannabis delivery or pickup experience is both efficient and discreet. We prioritize professionalism and discretion at all times!

Come and visit our DC location, call us at (202) 481-1292, or send us a message online to experience a curated selection of concentrates that won’t disappoint.


Do you offer cannabis delivery services?

Yes, at Orbit DC, we proudly provide cannabis delivery services to our valued clients in Washington, Delaware, and Virginia. Our goal is to ensure convenient access to cannabis for those who may have difficulty visiting our physical location.

Are there any specific regulations for cannabis delivery?

Yes, there are specific regulations surrounding cannabis delivery to ensure client safety and compliance with state laws. These regulations may include age verification, required documentation, and limitations on quantities. Our licensed delivery providers are well-versed in these regulations and will ensure a seamless and compliant delivery process.


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