DC Weed’s Hip-Hop History 

Hip-hop history is part of the culture here at Orbit DC, a leading dispensary serving the Maryland, Virginia, and District of Columbia areas. We are located only 1 mile away from the country’s largest collection of hip-hop artists’ artifacts and other memorabilia, the National Hip-Hop Museum. Much of hip-hop history is deeply rooted in cannabis, spanning roughly over forty years. Weed has been an inspiration for many and has made an impact on the lyrical content of the genre. Many well-known figures in the industry have undergone the venture of endorsing their favorite products and even starting their own product lines.

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The DMV’s Music Roots

The local hip-hop scene in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia area sprung about as the popularity of go-go music – a subgenre of funk – began to dwindle. Still, many of the go-go music’s qualities translated into early hip-hop. In the early 80s, DC DJ100 became the very first radio station to play hip-hop before it became a station dedicated to jazz and, ultimately, oldies. Prominent DC groups took influence from New York artists and added their own unique DC go-go flare. Today, some of the most notable rappers hail from D.C., like Wale, GoldLink, Cordae, Shy Glizzy, Rico Nasty, IDK, Fat Trel, Ras Nebyu, Oddisse, Logic, Chaz French, Chelly the MC, Q Da Fool, and more.

The Hip-Hop Museum

Our founder, Jeremy Beaver (DJ Boom) runs the nearby attraction with close ties to Orbit DC, the Hip-Hop Museum, an essential pillar of the local DC hip-hop scene and the culture in general. Beaver grew up in NYC in the 1980s, the epicenter of the genre. After getting his start as a mixtape DJ in his teenage years, he later became a radio DJ while attending college. He then took off as a producer and sold over 30,000 records in the 90’s, leading the way for today’s local DC scene.

After graduating from college with a bachelor’s in radio and television communications, Beaver took off as a producer/engineer for both DCide and Columbia Records. He then launched his career once becoming a director at XM Satellite Radio, facilitating the start of the first American Hip-Hop radio satellite station called The Rhyme. He pioneered the way for many other channels to get their start.

Beaver found stardom with the name DJ Boom and served as a leading producer and engineer for several names in the industry, including Lil Wayne, Shy Glizzy, T-Pain, Wale, and many others. Beaver has won more than 30 music awards at DC’s oldest recording studio, Listen Vision, near the entrance of Howard University, and has made a name for himself since 2004.

In recent years, Listen Vision continually broadcasts more than 70 live shows weekly to over 150 countries, earning popularity in not only the DC area but also international recognition. Since investing in cryptocurrency, Beaver was able to open the Hip-Hop in Museum in 2019, preserving and sharing his love for the music for everyone who visits.

Orbit DC’s Ties to Hip-Hop

Orbit DC is proud to be a part of the DC’s local and international ties to American hip-hop culture. They recently re-opened an art gallery in the next-door museum called the House of Hip-Hop, a place that gives music and weed connoisseurs an all-around experience of the newest works from local artists, photographers, sculptors, and more. About every 30 to 60 days, we display the latest installation of talent inspired by the genre we know and love. To view art in the Hip-Hop Museum, visit 2622 Georgia Ave NW– right beside Listen Vision Studios.

To keep in touch with our roots, we have a series of designer products released by well-known MCs. Cannabis has been a long-standing muse in the world of hip-hop, and the two worlds merge with these collaborations:

Rakim’s High-Frequency Soul Flower

The beloved New York rapper first introduced the Higher Frequency Flower product line in June 2022 at Josephine and Billie’s smoking lounge in L.A. After getting the attention of local smokers, Rakim began distribution with Black Market Group. Rakim initially designed his flower to be uplifting and inspiring for artists, allowing his high-quality cannabis to be the foundation for creative thinking.

Each strain utilizes a different means of cultivation and processing that aims to take weed to the next level. Rakim categorizes each of his products’ strains through 5 “vibrational frequencies” ranging from 174 Hz to 963 Hz, each creating a uniquely spiritual experience for consumers who use cannabis as a tool for artistic and imaginative processes. Rakim’s marketing for his strain isn’t far off from the truth- cannabis has been used in spiritual practices for thousands of years. It has a long-standing history with Islam, Hinduism, Rastafarianism, and other native religions in Africa and Asia. (1)As many know, its effects on the brain can help users find new ways of thinking and expression.

Grandmaster Caz’s Casanova Fly

Grandmaster Caz from the group Cold Crush Brothers hailing from Bronx, NY released his very own Casanova Fly- labeled after his original stage name. This sweet-smelling brand-new hybrid is engineered with an arrangement of cannabinoids designed to increase and enhance sexual arousal. Studies support the claim too, suggesting that cannabis can help enhance sexual functioning for women, in particular. (2)

DAS EFX’s Googley Goo

Krazy Drays from DAS EFX released his own cannabis strain at the Hip-Hop Museum’s very own House of Hip-Hop art gallery, earning the attention of those in the local DC music scene. Googley Goo pays homage to a lyric in DAS EFX’s song, “They Want EFX”.

Onyx’s SLAM

American hardcore group from Queens, NY released their personal strain, SLAM, named after their 1993 single. Debuting on 4/20/22, the strain has made waves in DC and the surrounding areas. We also sell Onyx’s designer t-shirts, caps, and shoes if you want to further represent his brand.

The Sugarhill Gang’s Sugarhill Delight

Seminal New Jersey group The Sugarhill Gang brought hip-hop music to the American masses in the early 80s, paving the way for following rappers. The group released Sugarhill Delight, a play on words from their 1980 single “Rappers Delight”.

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